*Put  an X in the Box when you have enclosed the item

         *AII  documents in ORIGINAL and photocopies

         I have enclosed the following items

1    Visa application    Form

2        Two  recent  passport   size photographs

3        Passport  or travel  document   valid  at least three  months  after  visa expiry

4        Admission/acceptance      letter  of the  concerned   Italian  University/Institute

5        Proof  of  having   been  awarded   a study  grant,   if  available,   by  the  Italian   Government, recognized    foundations      or   cultural     institutes,     international      organizations,       foreign governments        or  universities.    Where  the  amount   of grant  is in need  of  supplementation
to  satisfy  the  required    amount   of  means  of  support,   economic    resources   can  also  be
demonstrated    by proof  of available   means  of support   for  the  stay  in Italy  of an amount not   less  than   that   established    in  Table   A  annexed   to   Ministry    of   Interior    Directive
1.3.2000  Or by:
•   Family  Registration   Certificate   with  whole  family
•   Proof  of personal  financial   means  or family   resources
•   Bank of  insurance   warranty    or equivalent   credit   document    (bank  letter   of credit
applicable    in  Italy)   or  traveler's    cheques   or  other   documentation      proving   the availability
6        Availability      in   Italy    of   appropriate      lodging    as  well    as   the    funds    necessary    for
repatriation,    possibly  to  be demonstrated     in the  form  of a return   air ticket

7     Travel  Insurance   Policy,  valid  for  all countries   in the  Schengen  States,  for  the  whole   of stay with   minimum    liability   of 30,000   Euro
8        Polio  vaccination    certificate    from   any  Government    hospital

No Visa fee  is required   for  visa  up to  90 days.

The  Embassy  has full  authority    to  evaluate   and  request   additional    documents,    if  deemed

necessary,  in addition   to  what  is submitted.    Furthermore,    the  applicant   is hereby  informed
that  submitting    al required   documentation     and  being  pre-enrolled    by an  Italian   University                              •

does  NOT guarantee   the  issuance  of the  visa